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We are proud to announce that ReachHero has been acquired by blockscence, a strategic investment-holding, that focuses on a buy, build & sell strategy of fast-growing companies in consolidating TMT sectors.

We would like to thank our customers, influencers and partners for the trust they put in us since our founding in 2014. Today, we are excited to continue on our growth path together under the blockescence umbrella!

From the official press release:

Valletta, 27 February 2019: blockescence plc (Securities Identification Number WKN: MT0000580101; symbol: BCK, “blockescence”) successfully acquires 67.4% of the shares in the influencer and social media specialist ReachHero GmbH. ReachHero has strongly grown over the past years and has one of the leading European platform solutions for influencers and advertisers. With ReachHero, blockescence is expanding its position on the online media and advertising market. ReachHero will cooperate with the Mediakraft Group and adspree media GmbH, both belong to the gamigo Group which is also part of the blockescence Group. ReachHero is working closely with leading influencers such as Aaron Troschke (Hey Aaron), KindofRosy, Jarow and Luisa Crashion. With the experience from more than 5,000 content and influencer campaigns already implemented, the company has an excellent customer portfolio including almost all industries and different types of agencies. The ReachHero acquisition is expected to lead to an additional revenue contribution in the mid single-digit million euro range at blockescence group level in 2019, which will be supported by synergies with the media and gaming companies also belonging to the group. A positive EBITDA by ReachHero is expected for the current year. The purchase price is in the mid single-digit million range plus earn out. The parties have agreed to not disclose the exact amount of the purchase price.  . Through the ReachHero platform advertising customers can access more than 340,000 profiles of influencers (Germany – Austria – Switzerland) with a total reach of 750 million subscribers through all relevant social media platforms. In combination with the unique marketplace function, the appropriate content partners for campaigns can be easily found and booked.. This facilitates on the one hand the access to influencers and artists from micro to macro audiences for brands and agencies and offers on the other hand emerging influencers an opportunity to introduce themselves to potential advertising partners. A large number of standardised campaign types from placement to performance campaigns, in combination with an efficient performance tracking and reporting, enables an effective ROI-oriented influencer marketing. This competence profile serves as a basis for the strong development of the platform on the German-speaking advertising market. “Apart from the customer portfolio and the successful influencers under contract, the platform solution permits us to rapidly and efficiently satisfy the constantly growing demand for micro and macro influencers. The mix of micro and macro influencers allows us to offer effective campaigns,” comments Stefan Rascher, in charge of the advertising companies in the B2B area in the Group. “We gain through the management of ReachHero GmbH enormous know-how in the field of influencer marketing for the entire Group and strengthen our overall market position in combination with the Mediakraft Group and Adspree.”

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